IGBC Tree House, 2013

The brief of the competition was to create self sustainable unit of tree house which leaves zero carbon footprints, Our inspiration for the tree house design was born from the very existence of nature.

A Teak Tree was chosen as a basic structure of the house. The outside of the bark is grayish white. The trunk is oily and very heavy & strong that can take heavy loads.A n open plan structure with minimum partition walls was developed to minimize the load on the structure.Outer skin of the house was designed as adjustable louvers to enhance cross ventilation hence reduce humidity levels.For human waste disposal an effective microorganism is being introduced commonly known as “Bokashi mixture”, which decomposes the organics waste into a liquid & some organic matter. The residual is used in the plants around. Also the amount of water required for flushing is reduced significantly. The drainage pipes are integrated with the structural system & come along the trunk of the tree.